Game Night

Game Night started off with Telestrations, overall I would say we did pretty good and stayed within the same category of the original object. However, there were a couple that went rather askew. Like “tree” ended up as "Wizard of Oz" or "satellite dish” ending as “people.” At first we laughed and harassed each other, but then I realized this just proves how wonderfully imaginative and optimistic we really are. When you think about it, we took souls, single, cold objects like a tree and a satellite dish, and transformed them into a major motion picture where 'there’s no place like home’ and/or a warm gathering of people. Together we create better and happier outcomes!  

A Little R&R and a Lot of Chocolate!

Tuesday's night meeting was some time for us to for us to relax and caught up with each other. Thanks to Brenda & Becky Taylor we were able to dine on some tasty chocolate infused foods! 

Photo Feb 21, 7 38 16 PM.jpg